Udo Island Adventures

July 28, 2017

“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.”

Just when you thought I was done with Jeju Island… I’m dedicating a whole new post to the special memories made on U-do Island(우도). With a name meaning “Island of the reclining cow”, how could we say no to U-do?!

Udo is one of the little islets surrounding Jeju-island on the east side. It is only a 15 minute ferry ride away from Seongsan port. Udo resembles the shape of a cow lying down and that’s how it got its name. One day is enough to see the island and when you get there you can choose to do a bus tour, rent a bike, ATV or scooter or simply explore on foot. We opted to rent a scooter for the day. One of those classic, white Vespa types.

About 2000 peeps reside here. The little basalt houses, white sand beaches, stone walls, romantic lighthouses, no traffic lights and very narrow roads that follow the coastline are all part of Udo’s charm.

I visited Udo back in 2014 and fell in love with it so much that I just had to visit a second time in 2016.  Follow my picture diary to see why!

20046383_10155576664877899_2502761158612733122_nThe ferry which takes you from Jeju’s Seongsan port to Udo Island.

19959407_10155560740932899_6379704861057433044_nThings got a little windy on the ferry ride. People can also take their cars along on the ferry. Pretty cool hey?!

20431382_10155614463902899_6066884069061188523_nUdo has a variety of different coloured and shaped lighthouses around the island. This romantic red one greets you as you arrive on the island.




20376156_10155614465482899_4768121160424202932_nJeju and Udo are surrounded by the most beautiful, crystal-clear, turquoise water contrasted by black, volcanic rock and white sand beaches.


19990378_10155560746827899_4210618620562598234_nDriving around the island’s narrow roads on the back of a scooter with the ocean a few meters away and the sea breeze blowing through my hair was without a doubt one of the best memories of my life.

19961348_10155560743512899_7170644101316790269_nBoth Jeju and Udo are covered in these stunning yellow rapeseed flowers in the Spring (late March to April) creating a magical feeling.



19989487_10155560744447899_6168481988626906330_n - Copy





Udo is an island filled with quirks and art. That’s one thing I loved about this trip – the combination of local culture, design, art and tradition. There’s always something interesting or colourful to photograph. As you can see I took A LOT of pictures 🙂

Udo is known for its seafood, sweet potatoes, garlic and especially PEANUTS! If you’re a fan, the island has so many nutty things in store for you : peanutbutter, peanut ice-cream , peanut bread and even peanut burgers!

19990064_10155560745837899_5810478376884466677_nHaha Hoho is the name of this fun café where couples and besties like to go to share a cup of peanut ice-cream by one of their little windows overlooking the ocean.




This is Seobin Baeksa beach – the most iconic beach on Udo.   The secret charm of this beach is the sand. It is not like the usual sea sand, but small pieces or grains of rhodolith (red coralline algae) called Hongjodangoe in Korean. It is said there are only a few beaches composed of rhodolith  in the world. Seobin-baeksa was once called a coral beach as people mistakenly thought its sand was made of pieces of coral. This white beach by the blue sea and the European style buildings next to it makes you feel as if you are at an exotic beach in the Mediterranean.


19989300_10155575937387899_2045522378682368570_nSeobin Baeksa is also reffered to as ‘popcorn’ beach because its sand looks like popcorn kernels!

1763_5270_l (2)

1763_5266_l (2)


19989722_10155560743177899_2170438112069949660_n - Copy




A statue in honour of the Haenyo woman divers on the island, located on Hagosudong (하고수동해변) beach. You can find many cute cafés and activities along this beach. See below.

20106803_10155575928092899_1490783723975990158_nMarilyn Monroe café – this white building is as close to a café in Santorini as you can get and this is also where they have the peanut burgers!



The island’s famous peanut ice-cream complete with a dolphin shaped cookie!


19895055_10155560740382899_5412242944755669123_nA day trip to Udo can be extended into an overnight stay as there are various pensions and guesthouses throughout the island like the creepy Pirate Guest House above.

20246378_10155597759157899_1733104383516140885_nAmong all the white sand beaches Udo also boasts its own one and only tiny black sand beach known as Geomeolle beach. The black sand gives the water an emerald colour.


20106519_10155575927672899_8939292936078270937_nTell this little stone grandpa your wishes and they might just come true 😉


20245431_10155597759257899_2262128094203467027_nVisitors can take a hike up Udobong peak, the highest point on the island, which offers a breathtaking view of the island. You can see the yellow patches of flowers in the distance.

20265086_10155597756537899_4503719335093194353_nThere are horses all over the island and they are available for short horseback rides.

20246242_10155597756772899_2763022782745325573_nI love the striking contrast between the soft green crops and the harsh volcanic stone walls and I even found myself in awe of these pretty average rock walls.

20032008_10155560740242899_309201121808401587_nScooting around the island was so tranquil. Stopping wherever you want, whenever you want. We checked out the agricultural fields and went down secret dirt roads which led to local neighbourhoods (where visitors weren’t actually allowed.) #worthit



20031536_10155575928582899_6513027892504384058_nOur favourite little eatery to stop at when in Udo. They serve the absolute best Kimchi Mandu (만두) aka dumplings I’ve ever tasted in my life! The perfect way to end a windy day spent exploring Udo.


20046374_10155575928712899_8196957757260801901_nMandu (만두) is served!


19961590_10155575928197899_4407921278247621148_nAnd that’s the end of my unforgettable adventures on this quaint little island I never in my life dreamed I would set foot on. Life takes us on surprising detours sometimes. I’m grateful that it took me to this magical corner of the world. Maybe one day I will return here… fingers crossed xxx until then,

사랑해 Udo! ♥



  • From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal take bus 710
    to Seongsan Harbour (every 20 minutes).
    Take the ferry from the ferry terminal.
    The ferry runs every half hour between 7:30am
    and 6pm and takes about 15 minutes.
  • From Seogwipo take bus 701 to Seongsan Harbour.






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