May 21, 2016

Yesterday it was finally time to cross “visit dog café” off my Seoul to-do list. My only problem now is that I might have to put it up on my weekly to-do list instead, because I can’t not visit these puppies ever again. Two hours of coffee and dogs was enough to temporarily soothe the ache in my heart for Nicky (my dog back home in S.A. who I miss terribly), but now it’s back in full force, and all I want is to adopt one of them. Or all of them.

Even before you reach the street that the dog cafe is on, the sound of baby barks and yelps fill the air, causing passersby to look up at the nearby buildings in confusion. Pet cafes are free but you are expected to buy at least one drink, but it does mean you can spend as long as you want in the café.  Just as I sat down with my coffee, the cutest Cavalier King Charles pup jumped onto my lap and refused to leave or let any of the other dogs take her place. It was evident that the dogs are all well-loved by the cafe staff. They are well-groomed, and extremely well-behaved. Yet, as I left the cafe I looked back over my shoulder and couldn’t help wonder what happens to these pups when they’re all grown up and not as cute anymore? It is a puppy café after all.

Apologies for the Smartphone-photos, I forgot to bring my DSLR. But as some wise person once said: “The best camera is the one you have with you.”


This cheeky little guy wouldn’t stop following me around and chewing my shoelaces!


My BFF for the day was this beautiful Cavalier King Charles pup who wouldn’t leave my lap!


13233051_10154237872872899_106225897217557792_nThis Maltese girl’s ears and tail were right on trend with the latest dyed-tips hairstyles. She reminded me so much of my dog back home.

puppy cafe



How to get there:

The new puppy café is located in Sinchon.
Leave Sinchon station out of exit 6, walk straight until you pass an Ashley restaurant on your right. Turn right down the next little street and walk about 100 meters to find it almost hidden on your right (see map below).


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    1. What’s the name of this puppy cafe? Do they just have puppies or older dogs? I’d be concerned about what happens when they grow up, too! But I’m still interested in checking it out:)) Have you been back?

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