June 22, 2016

coffee at Acacia 

I was having one of my “I’m a teacher/leave me alone/I need peace and quiet” days and was waiting for the stores to open (Korea is known as The Land of the Morning Calm so most businesses only open around 11am or later and not at 9am like in South Africa) so I decided to sit down at Café Acacia and have a quick Cappuccino. Glad I did because this is now one of my top cafes!  It is one of the few places where my coffee is strong enough to actually be worthy of its name and the way they serve it with a little stick of cinnamon on the side and fresh flowers on the rustic, wood tables made me feel special. A cosy ambience. Definitely not like the usual crowded coffee places around Seoul. It’s the perfect place for some me-time, catching up on blogging or to finish that book you never have time for. They also serve a mean “western style” breakfast complete with sausages and pancakes! At ₩7,000 a Cappuccino, it’s not the cheapest café in Seoul, but like I said the coffee is strong and good. I will definitely be back for a lazy brunch.

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Address: 31-1 Dosan-daero 13 gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul



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