October 27, 2017

Heeeeey everyone!

Yes, I know I haven’t been very communicative these last few months. And yes I hate to be that person, but I was REALLY BUSY…. <cringe> Work, social things and re-building my life took priority this year so LE BLOG had to be put on the back burner for a little while. Side note : “BUSY IS NOT A BADGE OF HONOR”.


I’m back now however. Back online AND back in my home country South Africa for those who didn’t know (have been back from working in South Korea for a year now actually and can’t believe how time flies). A LOT has happened in my life this past year of which I might share at a later stage in one of those clichรฉ “My Year in Retrospect” posts. But for now I have decided that since being back in SA and not having the luxury of Korea’s amazing public transport system and first world country salary at my anymore, I need to try something new. I will still be posting travel posts of little adventures through SA whenever I can and also focus on some of my favourite local eateries and cafรฉs in and around my hometown, Joburg aka Jozi. Stay tuned – they’re coming soon.

The something new will be called ‘Five Things Friday’. Which will be a series of mini posts that come out every Friday morning (gonna try my best for every Friday or else every other week) and give a short summary of things that caught my eye that week or just things I found/saw/ate/heard/tried which I loved or that inspired me and which I want to share with you guys. I know there are a lot of bloggers out there doing something similar, but I will try to make mine as unique and interesting as possible. Like I said, this will be MY favourite things that I think YOU will enjoy as well and will not only (or necessarily) be based on current events or trends.

So here goes my first attempt ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating it. Please don’t hesitate to comment or send me any ideas/criticism/feedback you have about each post. Also, thanks for stopping by again after all this time.






I love avocados. Who doesn’t? Avocados are the perfect fruit for making “ice-cream” because they are so creamy! I’m trying to be a bit healthier at the moment so when I accidentally discovered this recipe I just knew I had to try it. I haven’t yet… but stay tuned for another post like this as I promise to make it and post my results. In the meantime give it a go and let me know how it turns out! Click the link below for the full recipe.

Avocado Ice Cream Recipe




I literally cannot get enough of stripes. Whether it be shirts, dresses, skirts, bags, shoes, bikinis… I even find myself taking photos of the zebra crossing stripes in the street! This love of horizontal and vertical lines has been with me since I was a child to be honest. I have no idea why. Apparently there is some psychological meaning to it. My mom has been scolding me lately every time I bring home new clothes, cause every batch has at least one striped item. To which I just shrug my shoulders and give her a coy smile. You can never have enough stripes! To me, when it comes to fashion, they are as classy and cool as black. ALWAYS.

As you can see I couldn’t even choose just one favorite outfit pic either :



Just love the design of these.




It’s Halloween weekend! I’ve never really been big on the whole Halloween thing and I don’t celebrate it, but working with a bunch of Americans for two years has triggered some Halloweeny excitement in me which I like to entertain. Feeling very tempted to try out one of these awesome sugar skull make-up looks this year. We had a Halloween celebration at the school I worked at in South Korea and yes they made us wear costumes. I chose to be a grumpy Unicorn! (see embarrassing image at top of this post) I might have enjoyed it more than it looks.

5. #QOTW

My quote of the week. Not to be cheesy, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded.

22728861_10155861143282899_4553427965838916377_nHAVE A FAB WEEK GUYS!



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