About me


Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Beaudine. I’m a city girl born and raised in sunny South Africa. I love travel, photography, books, spicy food,  sweet art, colourful nails and sunshine. I decided on the name Bubblegumsneakers for my blog because firstly, I’m definitely a ‘jeans and sneakers’ kinda girl. Out of all the sneakers I own (I have quite the collection. read: obsession), my bubblegum-blue coloured ones are my all-time favourite. Secondly, I’m what you’d call a hopeless wanderer, a dreamer, a Flaneur (noun) French – one who strolls around aimlessly, but enjoyably observing life and her surroundings. So if you are always on the move like me, running to catch subways, buses and walking for hours on end each weekend you will need some comfy (but definitely still cute) shoes. Thus, these trusty fellas have accompanied me on many an adventure.

After living and working as a full time teacher in South Korea for 2 years, I am back in my hometown, Joburg ,and ready to explore my own beautiful country after traveling around Asia.  On weekends, I enjoy soaking up the big city life, going on hunts to find edgy street art and trendy cafés, and getting lost down narrow streets. I take a lot of pictures, like, AH. LOT. This blog is an extension of my personality, it’s my happy place. Follow me as I ramble on about life, style, travel, and the adventures that come with being a 20-something and not quite having it all figured out yet. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!  XOXO