July 1, 2016

Have you ever tried to explain a travel experience and been at a loss for words? Travel does that to us – it entangles us in its beauty, makes us feel a wave of emotions we’ve never felt, and leaves us speechless and yearning for more. Here are 10 of my favorite travel words that I bet you haven’t heard before:


This word describes me perfectly. Ever since I was a child I would always get really upset when I was admiring the beauty of a new place and my parents would rush me or tell me it’s time to go home. Now that I’m older I’m worse than ever! It’s a kind of FOMO really.

2 Eleutheromania

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have this feeling?

Philippines sunset

3 Fernweh

Probably my favourite of all. I love this word because it puts a name to a feeling I’ve never before been able to describe.

travel wanderlust fernweh

4 Waldeinsamkeit

This word brings to mind images of wandering alone through the tangled paths of some enchanted forest. Light streams through the thick trees, and the crisp air is scented with pine. Dreamy isn’t it? We should all walk alone in the woods every once in a while.


5 Trouvaille

Such a pretty word and such a beautiful idea. I don’t know about you, but I hear a sexy French accent in my mind.


6 numinous

What awakens emotion in you? For me, it’s the feeling I get when I visit a place I’ve been dreaming of, and I see the streets and buildings in person for the first time.



How many lifetimes would it take to visit every single place you’ve ever dreamed of?

For me, it would take hundreds of lifetimes.


8 Werifesteria

Pure magic. Gives me that weird feeling of  missing someone I’m not even sure I know.


9 dèrive

This kind of journey is my favorite. The kind where you don’t really have any set plans. The kind where you wander into cute coffeehouses and stumble upon hidden pathways. The kind where the day is yours to do with it as you’d like.

travel wanderlust derive

10 yu yi

One reason travel is so addictive is that you’re able to experience a place for the first time. You see colors more vividly, and see everything with a fresh set of eyes.



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